Hey! I'm Dr. Candice and 

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I can help you uncover the root causes of your chronic health concerns.

My mission is to revolutionize how we heal.

The word heal literally means "to make whole." 

I believe Quantum Healing - the combination of science and spirituality - will help us return to and remember our innate state of wholeness, of health. I want to bring Quantum Healing to at least 1 million people.

Choice Point

When was the moment?

When was the moment when something inside of you knew that there is more to health than simply the physical stuff? That health is more than merely the absence of disease, more than a set of blood chemistry markers falling within the "normal range."

The moment you decided to leave the autopilot mode of quick fixes and band-aid solutions in search of true health, in search of healing.

The moment when you started waking up.

it was my wake up.

My story

I clearly remember the day when... I looked in the mirror and hardly recognized myself.

Bags under my eyes. Pale, drawn skin. Dull, dry hair. Foggy thinking, feeling depressed.

Being a trained Naturopathic and Functional Medicine Doctor I thought I knew what I needed to do to heal myself... and I was doing it. Taking supplements, eating well, walking, meditating, deep breathing, working with a therapist. But it wasn't working. I still felt drained, depressed and, by that point, demotivated. 

I felt like a fraud. I felt like I was failing my daughter, my family, my patients, myself.

That's when something inside me switched on - that was my moment. My choice point. 

And since that moment I have studied with the best scientists, healers, and sages. The insights I gained from my experiences and the wisdom shared by these teachers has allowed me to return to wholeness, true healing.

I'm still walking my path, of course. Still learning and growing.

One of my greatest joys today is having the honour to walk alongside others, support others, along their healing journey, their own return to wholeness.

What my experience has taught me

These learnings now inform my life, my work, my relationships and my spirituality.

  • You have the power to heal yourself. 
  • By healing yourself you heal the world around you. 
  • Meaning matters. It's a determinant of health.
  • You are the hero of your life.
  • Life doesn't happen to you. It happens through You.
  • When you align with your Soul, magic happens.

Resonating With You? I Invite You to Join Our Community

The Quantum Health Creators Community is where you'll get access to my most up-to-date trainings and teachings - resources that members are using to take quantum leaps in their health journey.

It's a place to feel safe, safe with other people like you. And it's 100% free to join.

Client Experiences

I noticed improved energy and focus within days. After suffering with chronic fatigue for seven years, that was huge. I can now breathe more deeply. A small lump I had developed disappeared. After so many decades of restricting my diet and taking tons of supplements I am so relieved to have help now that goes beyond the biochemical approach. And thankful it's so simple!

Marie F.

new jersey, new york

The accuracy of the 420 point health assessment is amazing. They have reflected the exact emotional and physical issues that I've been dealing with for years. I finally feel hopeful now that I know my unique root causes. I used to believe I had to live the rest of my life with these conditions. Now I know I don't have to.

Danielle P.

Toronto, ontario

I got a wake up call from recent blood work results that showed high liver enzymes and the early signs of diabetes. While I knew of energy medicine, I was initially skeptical. I'm so glad I decided to commit to the process. After just 5 months I feel renewed. I feel stronger and empowered to take charge of my own health.

Joanna M.

calgary, alberta

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